When people look for home care online, chances are very good (about 80 percent) that they will be looking on Google. Chances are also pretty good that, if you have done a good job of optimizing your listings, you will show up among some competitors who have also (sometimes) done their homework.

Example: The more common term “home care” is used:

Google Search - Home Care

Your job (and ours if would like our help) is to make sure that when people type in common terms for “home care” along with a defined geography (city, zip code, region, neighborhood) your name shows up in the top three listings. Even better is to be the ONLY company listed on the page. How to do that is the subject of this letter.

The situation where yours is the only company listed in a box on the search results page is called “One Box” results. You can get a One Box result if someone types your exact name or Google mistakenly confuses your name with a more generic term. But, to get a One Box result organically is both more challenging and dramatically more rewarding.

In this scenario, Google determines that there is only one business in the searcher’s geography that provides the service your agency offers. If you can strategically appear to Google to be the only business nearby that offers a particular service, you can create more One Box results for your business.

Example: More obscure “senior companion care” is used:

Google Search - Senior Companion Care

Now, it is doubtful that any one agency offers a service that is truly unique. But, if other agencies do not dig deep enough into their keywords and engineer their visibility and you do, you win. But, how do you engineer such a situation. Keep reading.

1. Web Page Niches. You have the best chance of achieving the One Box designation by creating a separate web page for every “niche” service you offer. You would not want to make a page for common or highly competitive terms like “home care” or “senior care”. Pick terms that other firms are not likely to feature as prominently like, “respite care” or “senior shopping companion” or “toileting assistance” or any highly specific way to characterize a service you offer.

2. Internal Links. You can put links (anchor text) to these specific services on your home page, under your “Services” listing, it the footer of your page or anywhere it seems appropriate and not obnoxious. Do not overdo it, but more is better than fewer.

3. Google My Business Page. Mention (and link to your dedicated page) the service on the landing page you use for your Google My Business page.

4. Reviews. Using a carefully planned system of encouraging reviews, coach your clients to use one or two of the niche keywords for which you have developed focused pages. This is where Rowan Reputation Resources can help the most by teaching your team how to ask for reviews and providing software systems that allow seniors or their families to easily submit reviews at the precise time where they have expressed appreciation for your good work. Click HERE for more information about how to do this.

The good news is that any one-box results you get will be in addition to, not instead of, your organic rankings for the targeted product. And, even if you don’t get a One Box result, your chances of getting in the top three listings is enhanced significantly.

Bonus Exposure: Even when you show up alongside other local competitors, when you list specific search terms on your site and those terms are part of a consumer search, the fact that you use the terms is highlighted in your Google listing. In the example below, “respite care” is the search term and you can see how Google treats the use of that term and highlights the portion of the website to emphasize it. Very powerful for niche searches.

Google Search - Respite Care

While not many people search for obscure terms, by using as many as possible and giving them the proper exposure in your website, you stand a far better chance of showing up and getting the call.

Please call us if you would like to talk about this further.