“Marketing” is when you tell your prospective customers how good your agency and its service is. “Inverse Marketing” is when your customers do the job for you. That concept summarizes HOME CARE REVIEWS ACCELERATOR (HCRA) perfectly.

The challenge of exploiting the concept of Inverse Marketing is harnessing the power of the people who like you the most. Your happiest clients are the most willing to publish their positive opinions on key review sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook. Doing so is just an extra step they usually don’t know how to take or, simply, neglect to. HCRA makes the process simple and immediate – and so foolproof that it requires the cooperation of very few clients to make it work powerfully to build your census.


HCRA works by getting your happy clients – or their family members — to publish positive comments about your agency and staff on Google, Yelp and Facebook. This is dramatically powerful in today’s marketplace.

Surprisingly, very few home care agencies give this any attention. This is a huge opportunity used by many businesses these days. It is just not often used by the healthcare at home business. Whether there is the perception that it is difficult to accomplish, or that their “type of client” is not inclined to write reviews, or simple inertia to move into a new form of marketing, as an industry, home care is way behind in the use of Inverse Marketing.

HCRA resolves the issue by allowing reviews to be collected by your staff in the client’s home exactly when the client is most appreciative of the experience. The technology allows a member of your staff to guide the client to successful action at precisely the right moment and in under two minutes.


The genius behind HCRA is in the numbers:

  • Before selecting a new business with which to do business 87% of people will check it out online.
  • Advertising no longer drives people to a business, it drives people to Google – to check out a business.
  • Only 25% of people actually look past the first page of Google.
  • Over 72% of search results that get clicked are from the top three spots.

HCRA allows you to provide Google (and Yelp and Facebook) with the information it needs to posture you in the most visible positions. It provides you with tools to give those who use Google for research, solid confirmation from your most ardent supporters. HCRA is your vehicle for making it easy and quick for the people who appreciate your efforts to express themselves and tell others.