It is an obvious challenge to get reviews in the Home Care space. The clients, generally older, are not current with social marketing techniques, nor do they really care.
The adult children of the clients are not always close at hand and they may not care either. These are the same adult children who will go to Google to help determine what agency to call when their parents need in-home help, by the way.

So why bother? Because it IS difficult. And, as a result, most home care agencies will not try.

This, by the way, is why Rowan Reputation Resources focuses exclusively on the Home Care, Home Health Care and Hospice segments. Because it IS difficult and the health at home industry is seriously behind in exploiting the advantages enjoyed by most other businesses.

Why to bother reason #1: Reviews help conversions.

People trust people without an agenda. Clearly, if people are search on Google or any reference site, they are looking for the service you are offering. Once they have the basic information that you exist, believing that you are worth calling is the key to your success and growth. If people whom you have served have said so in their own words, ideally including the name of the person who helped them, the credibility of your service grows immensely. Reviews help conversions.

Why to bother reason #2: Reviews help your SEO performance.

It is almost comical the number of results you can see when you pull up a Google query. It can be in the hundreds of thousands. Of course, beyond the first ten, or so, the rest are increasingly invisible. In a local search (when the topic “home care” is included with the city name) the top three listings are the Holy Grail.

While more reviews alone represent only a portion of the algorithm Google uses to rank results, it is an important factor that, if ignored (you don’t bother), dismisses an opportunity to be seen more prominently online.

Why to bother reason #3: Reviews establish “Social Proof”.

When positive reviews are collected in a single location like your Google page, the effect compounds. One person’s opinion is important, particularly if it is well articulated. When you multiply this factor, it becomes “proof” that your agency is worthy of consideration. This is “social proof”.

If you decide to bother.

Because it is difficult, home care agency owners tend not to focus on getting reviews. Many people with whom we have spoken acknowledge that it is important, but not important enough to go to the trouble.

While Rowan Reputation Resources cannot do anything about human nature, by understanding it, we have created systems to minimize the friction and make it easier for agencies to obtain a substantial and steady number of reviews over time. And, by simply gathering even a small number of reviews over a period of time, the number becomes larger – certainly much larger than those agencies who do not try at all. It is an inexpensive and huge advantage for those who elect to bother.

To learn more about how Rowan’s coaching and technology can move your agency to a position of greater visibility online, simply let us know you are interested and we will take it from there. Click HERE and send us a quick note.