HOME CARE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT (HCSM) is a totally automated Social Media management tool that can replace hours of human time and keep you totally “out there” in the eyes of prospective clients. HCSM makes you a visible part of your community. Your daily messages with information and reassurance postures you in a gentle way as a trusted friend and an expert in your field. When the need for home care arises, your name is remembered as that of a trusted friend and expert.


The objective is to be informative and helpful to an audience who will remember you when their needs arise. People might buy a pizza because an online conversation puts the idea in their head about the time they feel hungry. Or, they might get around to making a dental appointment because they see a postcard or billboard. But, people shop for home care providers — for themselves or for their parents — when a life event triggers the need. Your job is to be “present” at that moment – and that means all the time. Subtly, gently, unobtrusively keep your name in front of prospective clients without even a hint of pressure or hype. Be remembered as a knowledgeable, caring source of help when the time is right.


HCSM allows you to take complete control of your social media activities using only a few minutes per week. With HCSM, you can monitor every mention of your business on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also review sites like Google and Yelp, from the same single dashboard with the ability to respond with a single click right from the console without logging into any individual site.

Most importantly, with HCSM you are provided with a steady stream of content allowing you to post interesting and relevant copy every day of the year without having to tax your own creativity — yet, retain the right to do so. You can personalize the copy or even reject it altogether in favor of alternate material you may like better. You can do a whole month of posting in advance and, except for responding when appropriate, you are done for the next 30 days. Using HCSM allows you to grow your market image without taxing your efforts or adding headcount to accomplish the task.