“Marketing” is a process of telling people how good you are. It is a well-established practice.

“Inverse Marketing”, is just coming into play in a big way. Inverse Marketing is the process of getting people unaffiliated with your agency to willingly deliver your marketing message for you.

Unaffiliated people are not complete strangers to you, of course. They are the happy clients of your home care business or, in some cases involved members of their families. But, they are complete strangers to your marketing audience. Further, they are perceived to have more credibility than you. The process is entirely free, and very few home care agencies use it at all.

The process is free because your greatest supporters will not be on your payroll, but satisfied consumers of your services who are perfectly willing to tell others. But, unfortunately, they generally won’t do this on their own without a little encouragement and an easy path to do so.

Billions of dollars have been spent to set up the structure to make this possible for you. Consider the aggregate impact of Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing and hundreds of other sites on which the average consumer relies to make purchase decisions. Your strategy is simple: “feed” these organizations the message you want your prospects to see. They will deliver it for you for free.

Strangers Are Believable

In 2009, the research company A.C. Nielsen surveyed 25,000 people in 50 countries about how much they trust sources of recommendation. Perhaps not surprisingly, 90 percent of respondents said they trusted the recommendations of those people they knew personally. More surprisingly, however, is that the study showed that over 70 percent trusted the recommendations they read online from total strangers. You have to think that over the past ten years that number has increased as familiarity with reviews and review sites have grown. Direct communication from you is far down the list, for example your Website (58%), Advertising (50%), Text Messaging (29%).

Unfair Advantage

The fact that the term “Inverse Marketing” is not widely known term today is good for you, actually. Relatively few home care business owners understand what it is and how to use it, so understanding it gives you a significant advantage over those in the home care industry who do not understand its impact and importance. In fact, if you take action right away, you will have what could be called an “unfair advantage” in your marketplace, simply by understanding the power of Inverse Marketing and applying it in a powerful way. This will not always be the case. In the not-too-distant future, it will become mainstream as it is in other businesses like restaurants, dentists and auto service. But, today, just by knowing the concept, you have gained that “unfair advantage”.

Making It Easy

There are actually ways to “automate” the solicitation of reviews. Rowan Reputation Resources has an easy-to-use system specifically designed to meet the needs of home care agencies and their, usually elderly, clients. To get a quick overview of your situation and opportunity, complete the form you will find at this link: www.RowanReputationResources.com/contact-us.