When people need the help of a home care agency, they don’t just look for the best agency, they look online first (90% of the time) and they are looking for an agency that is in a specific area. So, if the searcher is the prospective client him or herself, they want an agency near themselves. If the person doing the search is the eldest daughter of a parent in need of help, she will indicate where she needs the help by adding the city to the search.

That is why it is critical that the Google listing for your organization be completed accurately and thoroughly. Make it easy to find you. Of course, it is easier to find you if you are at the top of the list and there are a few tricks to doing this but given the general lack of attention that this gets in the home care agency world, you will have a leg up if you do it first.

Immediacy is also at play. Statistically, 14 percent of searchers have immediate needs. That is one in seven people who look for home care online are ready customers. Others have at least some reason to be looking for something as specific as home care and are customers-in-waiting.

One other fact is that, these days, 57 percent are searching for you on a cell phone. That means that getting your website in a condition that it is easily viewed online is critical. But, that is the subject of a different article – coming soon.

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