A relatively new (August 2017) free offering from Google is called Google Posts. This feature will let you publish a fuller description of your organization services directly to Google Search in the Knowledge Panel and in Google Maps. You can also publish special events or employment opportunities or offer downloadable literature totally free.

The posts stay up for seven days, or, if you are publicizing a special event, until the event is over. Google Posts are very much like miniature advertisements that include a picture (square), a description, whatever offer you have and a landing page URL. You can have up to 12 Posts at a time which show up in carousel fashion on the page with two and a half visible without scrolling. When people “Google you” (a verb) the Post appears immediately below your listing.

Actually, creating a Google Post is quite easy. You only need to log into your Googly My Business dashboard and look at the column of features on the left where you will see the “Posts” option. Following the guidelines is self-explanatory.

Take a look at the example below. As always, if you have questions, we are here.

Take advantage of Google Posts