12 Ideas in 120 Seconds

Today we present 12 easy things you can do yourself to improve the Google for Business (GFB) listing for your company at no cost whatsoever beyond the time it takes you to do it. If you need help (or don’t have the time), you can call us, but chances are pretty good you will find all of these easy.

1. Determine a single form of your NAP (name, address, phone number) and use it consistently across every listing on every site in which is listed from this point forward.

2. Pick five services you offer and use these consistently in your website text as keywords.

3. Add business details to your GFB such as hours of operation (you should list 24-hours for home care assuming you have the phones covered 24/7), service area, payment types accepted and additional services.

4. Add five categories based on five services you offer. NOTE: One of these must be a “Google Approved” category. The balance can be any keywords you think will help prospective clients find you. Do not list your city in these descriptions.

5. Rename your website pictures with a keyword and city in the ALT TEXT space.

6. Find eight photos of your business, office, staff, client interaction (with model release) and save them on your computer. Then locate a free tool at Animoto.com to create a simple video using these photos. Animoto will explain. It is easy. Then upload that video to YouTube.

7. Now upload those same eight photos to your Google For Business listing.

8. Add the YouTube video you created in #6 to your GFB listing.

9. Write a description of your business using the keywords you selected in #2. Do not over use the keywords. Add that description to your GFB listing.

10. Go to Panaramio.com and search for two photos that have your city name in the title. Upload these images to your GFB listing. Panaramio photos are typically geotagged.

11. Submit and verify your listing with Google.

12. Get dozens of people to post real reviews to your listing.

These twelve steps are not difficult or really time consuming. This means that you can do them yourself or we can do any or all of them for you for not very much expense. If you want help, please tell us that in the box at the bottom of the form you will find at www.rowanreputationresources.com/contact-us. You can even ask for a free copy of a sample model release mentioned in #6.