Make it easier to be found online (for free)Occasionally you may have been searching online and seen your organization listed on a site you have never heard of. How did it get there? You know you did not register your company at the site.

The information probably came from one of several “Data Aggregators”.

Before the days of the Internet there were already data aggregators. Back then they accumulated data for entities like phone books and marketers looking for lists of specific types of people. When people stopped using phonebooks these aggregators reinvented themselves to start feeding online directories. Currently, they compile data from public records and feed online search engines.

The challenge is that such harvested business data is wildly inconsistent. Leaving your own data to chance will play havoc with any attempts you make at Search Engine Optimization. The good news is that you can do something about it. And, it will cost you nothing but a little time.

The result of doing so will clean up much of the “noise” and make you more visible online. It will make accurate data available for sites wanting to include it.

You can be more proactive, too. In a note I sent you a few weeks ago titled, “N-A-P Consistency Will Make You Money” we described the process where you can “claim” about five dozen sites without waiting for them to find you. We also suggested you might want to outsource the claiming process to save yourself a ton of time. If you missed that article in this series, send an email to and we will send you a copy.

You can outsource claiming the Data Aggregators, too, of course, but there are only three sites that you need to worry about. None of the three charge to be listed. A fourth does. They include:

Infogroup (
Acxiom (
Factual (
Localeze ( NOTE: This is NOT a free site.

How are you listed online now? We will be happy to send you a complete summary of how your agency is listed on over four dozen sites, including the index sites, for no cost whatsoever. CLICK HERE to let us know where to send the report.