What is the purpose of a website? Universally there are dozens of answers that question most of which would simply be boring. So, let’s ask the question: What is the purpose of a Home Care website?

Some possibilities:

  • Demonstrate your professional competence
  • Answer questions you anticipate prospective clients, or their families might have
  • Encourage competent and enjoyable people to join your staff
  • Describe your services in a way that makes the uninitiated understand home care
  • Introduce prospective clients and their families to your management team
  • Make the distinction clear between Home Care and Health Care

Certainly, you can come up with a few more, but the point of this article is not what to put on a website, that “gets the job done”, but putting information on your website that attracts people specifically provided by your organization. “Bait”, if you will.

Here is the big secret: Google has been at this long enough that their complex algorithms “think” like humans. They look for interesting content, too.

No longer is it sufficient to stuff keywords into paragraphs on your website and hope Google is impressed. Now, Google seeks context and content. You tell them in your core website structure what you do. Now it is incumbent on you to prove you mean it, feel it, live it, deliver it. Now, instead of filling pages with keywords, you must provide useful and relevant information to readers.

Where other websites focus on impressing search engines with all sorts of mechanized and carefully structured words and phrases, your life actually gets easier. Write for real people. Not only will your prospective clients see you in an entirely different light, so will the search engines.

So, what does this “human” copy look like?

  • Anticipate problems people might be facing and help them solve it. (My mother needs home care but is too proud to allow it.)
  • Think about what keywords that readers might logically type into a search engine to find an answer relating to caring for an older person. (Beyond the obvious “home care”, write about the management of adult incontinence or elevated bathroom fixtures for older adults.
  • Take issues that are commonly confusing about aging parents and simplify them. (Distinguishing from simple forgetfulness and the onset of dementia.)
  • Teach visitors to your site something that is not commonly known. (What is proper etiquette around people with disabilities?)

Such topics are not often seen on websites for home care agencies. And, that is the whole point.

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