Google realizes that over half of all online searches today occur on cell phones. Acknowledging that, Google penalizes your ranking if your site is not mobile optimized. It used to be a big (expensive) deal to prepare your site to show up on a mobile phone accurately and conveniently for the user.

Today it is almost universally “baked in” with most site development formats like WordPress. Yet, some agencies still do not have this feature.

We did not check your organization website before sending this note, but you can. To find out if your site is mobile optimized, use this link: This site will provide an error list if the site fails the test so your webmaster will know what to do.

The currently used term for being able to adapt pages to work across all types of devices is “responsive site design”. There are tools in Firefox and Chrome that can replicate a site on various screen sizes should you want to check different formats.

Should you discover that your site is not mobile optimized contact your webmaster and require it immediately.

If your webmaster does not understand the question, get a new webmaster immediately. Or, you can call us and we will guide you.