Tim Rowan discovered the Healthcare at Home industry in 1993 when he was named IT Director for a 5-branch Colorado home health agency, following a career as a software and networking instructor for a private firm. He left to help create a home health consulting firm under the tutelage of nationally respected home healthcare software consultant Tom Williams, former VP of Government Services for the Medicare intermediary now known as NGS in Milwaukee. Together, in addition to offering software selection consultation services, they created the news service that thrives today as Home Care Technology Report, with Tim as the Editor and principal writer. He has an MA in Education.


For over 35 years, Roger McManus has coached, funded, counseled and published for entrepreneurs. As a magazine publisher, speaker, author and consultant, Roger has had the rare opportunity to see inside businesses, the challenges they face and the opportunities for growth they have overlooked. Recently he developed marketing strategies that leverage the digital revolution, tapping the online infrastructure built by billion-dollar companies to help home care agencies to grow their businesses. Roger was elected to the White House Conference on Small Business and has been recognized by the SBA as Advocate of the Year.


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